Aubergine has recently opened and it feels like the dust is finally starting to settle. The hype and energy felt amazing and I'm excited to start the New Year with a clean slate.

Changing the menu these past few days has taught me something invaluable about the simplicity of an ingredient. It's been a fun challenge thinking creatively on how to stretch root vegetables, but it's also comforting to get know these ingredients personally. This is when we should listen to what the season has to offer, when there are very little to distract us from the value of our food choices.

As sales steadily increase, I am able to tap into more resources that allow me to naturally evolve my menu. Watching people's response to simple food is actually very humbling! I have a deeper appreciation for the enjoyment of eating great food and meeting these people firsthand. I have learned as much from them as they might think they are learning from me and that really makes my day!