Moving forward...

It's been just about a month now since we have opened and everything still feels surreal. The response from diners and their feedback is quite humbling and deeply appreciated. I have always wanted to tell my story through food and it seems that that voice is starting to get loud enough for people to notice.

I have been able to adapt the menu and continually change it based on what little ingredients I have at hand. In a way, I feel more connected with these ingredients and I'm able to translate that into simple dishes that speak for themselves. I've also been able to start some minor fermentation experiments like preserving persimmons in red pepper paste. I've used fruit in my kimchi before but I want to test a recipe for other fruits that are in short season. Now all I can do is leave it in the hands of time until I can test my theory to be right.

This experience has taught me a lot in the very little time I've been immersed in it. I find that I have more room to improve myself both as a chef and a business owner in aspects that I never thought I'd realize. As a chef, I would really like to find an apprentice to teach and hopefully be able to instill respect for this industry and give them the initiative to improve themselves. And as a business owner, I'm still working on balancing relationships as well as improving connections with other people to help promote the burgeoning food scene in Pittsburgh. For now I just have to keep working with what I have and keep moving forward!